Project Management Software

Project Management Softwares are available in below mentioned methods for implementation:

• Implement on the Cloud, as SaaS (Software as a Service)

• Download to desktop – Installable on local machine

• Download to desktop – Installable on local server or intranet

• Licensed version to download and install on your own website

Project management software procurement matrix

If we map the above parameters on a matrix, we can weight positives & negatives of each very easily.

Below are some of the important parameters to be considered while choosing which mode of procuring and implementing to choose:

• Data security

• Systems uptime, availability and scalability

• Continuous updates, to keep up with changes in the industry, for project management

• Integration of teams across the globe

• Making software available to client teams, for updates, dashboard and MIS

There are various advantages that you will get by having different modals for procuring project management software. Selection of the right project management software for your organization mainly depends on which functionalities will be required by you.

Various modes in which you can get these softwares are as below:

• Free ware

• Open source

• Individual free version

• Minimum features free version

• Student free editions

• Developer editions

Please refer to the matrix below to see the functionalities required for you. Softwares which comes with all the mentioned functionalities, will definitely meet your project needs.

Project management software online

• Scope creation and control till completion

• Monitor project execution

• Schedule creation and auto monitoring

• Work Breakdown Structure monitoring

• Budget creation and cost management

• Quality planning and control

• HR planning and execution

• Create and manage communication to stakeholders

• Risk items creation and management

• Manage procurement and record updates

Above features are typical to any established project management software. But still it is advised to look at the features closely and take the understanding that it indeed offers the functionalities in a manner that end users can easily understand and use it.

Special attention should be given to level of customizations that can be done by users themselves. It is normally better to have a system where you can add few text, datetime, number, Boolean columns on need basis yourself. Since there will be many times that you might want to add new columns. If, for every change you get charged by the provider, then it is not a very good engagement model.

Also look at MIS, Dashboard, email and SMS integration. These communication features are critical to success of your project. If software provides these features, overall success of the project increases. The manual dependency of project manager having to create important communication and send to stakeholders gets moved to an automatic software.

Other parameters like company profile, number of installations, quality of service, feedback on community forums etc become important once we have identified softwares which meet your functional needs.

It is important to first identify which method you want to opt for. Once that is finalized then you can sure choose from the options available for procurement of the software.

Some software that are suggested in this website are just for reference, you should do your own thorough study before procuring any of these. Though it will give you a reference of what you can expect from a good project management software. It is best to take a trial for a while or use some free edition of the give software and then choose. If possible, you should also insist on doing a free Proof Of Concept (POC) from the provider. Doing a POC will give you a feel of the software and you can easily confirm that the software indeed meets your needs. POC will normally be a full blown functions packed live usage of the software. It is like a trial period before buying a product in full scale.

You may also please refer to below links for information available on different types of softwares.

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Project Management Software Evaluations
Use this detailed excel based checklist to objectively rate and assess project management software evaluations on a matrix.
Project Planning Software
Project Planning Software includes scoping, planning various aspects of project management, Recording , Monitoring, Closure.
Web Based Project Management Software
Web based project management software can be a deployment of the software on your website, it can be used as (SaaS) software as a service, and it can be installed on your local intranet environment
Online Collaboration Software
online collaboration software is mainly used for communicating and safeguarding all communications in a central place. BIG challenge while working with teams spilled across the globe is INTEGRATION
Project Management Tools
Project Management Tools are available ranging from individual modules to enterprise level, specialized for specific area or entire project management lifecycle management, depending upon your needs
Open Source Project Management Software
Open Source Project Management Software comes with all rights to download, use, reuse, distribute, charge for services, modify, re-submit code. By using an open source you become part of the community
Free Project Management Software
Chosen Free Project Management Software. Open source and freeware software.
Construction Project Management Software
Construction Project Management Software is a software which has construction activities and accounting activities linked with your project management activities.
Project Risk Management Software
Project Risk Management Software is used to create list of risks, categorize them, do the assessment, do quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, decide risk response action plan.
Employee Time Management Software
Employee time management software enables resource optimization, allocation, mobilizing them on need, measuring value derived and delivered for your project.
Time Management Systems
Using Time Management Systems allows you to plan out every project in accordance with the natural boundaries of each one, such as time and budget restrictions.
Time Management Tools
Time Management Tools are available in desktop based, web based, free, open source they help in successful completion of projects, managing tasks at micro level,supports your teams, integrated with PM
Human Resource Management Software
Human Resource Management Software keeps a comprehensive list of employees across the organization, Keeps track of changes in employee profiles, promotions, salary structures etc.
What is project management software
Want to know what is Project Management Software, it is an automation of various stages of a project life cycle and would include all stages of the life cycle and automate those.
Project Management Scheduling Software
Project Management Scheduling Software helps record activities, assign them to team members and track them to completion.
Project Management for Software Development
Project management for software development covers all stages of software development. Read point-to-point detail here, If your software meets these parameters, it is ONE OF THE BEST in the world.
Online Project Collaboration
Online project collaboration allows you to have a central repository for project related documents which can be immensely useful to teams distributed across the world.
IT Project Management Software
IT project management software maps SDLC lifecycle and enables process driven project management methodologies, which are critical for success of projects driven by you.
Marketing Project Management Software
Marketing Project Management Software tracks RFQ, RFP, bidding, L1–T1 decisions, client negotiations, Price finalization, deliverables approval and finalization, fixing and closure of scope statement.
PPM Software
PPM Software can be viewed at a central place, gives ONE overview of multiple projects, helps manage at 40000 feet level without efforts to collect data manually
Task Tracking Software
Task Tracking Software is used as a central tool to create tasks, assign them to resources, track their progress, create customized escalation matrix and automate monitoring.
Construction Time Management Software
Construction Time Management Software is used for managing time in construction related projects, because of the high investments and the risks involved if project get delayed.
Software Project Management Plan
Software Project Management Plan is the most detailed excercise to be done at the start of the project. All aspects of project life cycle have to be considered while creating the plan.
Human Resource Software Solution
Human Resource Software Solution should be subpart (module) or (at minimal) be integrated with project management software
Collaboration Software
Collaboration Software helps teams come together at one platform, focus on goals, communicate with ease with each other, so everyone is aware of latest statuses and happenings.
Construction Planning Software
Construction Planning Software is used by many companies to carry out their construction projects with more efficiency and more accurate estimates for their clients.
Team Collaboration Software
Team collaboration software provides central software to be used across the organization. By design it fosters team work and enables teams to focus on single goal and succeed.
Productivity Software Program
Productivity Software Program helps in Measuring productivity of resources, assign tasks, track completion, trend analysis, comparison from previous tasks and estimations based on previous learning’s


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